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  Unlike draperies or sheers, the unique Luminette fabric vanes allow for precise light control and add the extra benefit of UV protection. For rooms decorated with expensive upholstered furniture and artwork, Luminette sheers provide 99 percent UV protection without sacrificing design. And in family rooms or media rooms, where glare from sunlight can negatively affect television viewing, the Luminette Evening Star fabric vanes can almost guarantee complete room darkness. The safety-minded wand control or the revolutionary Luminette with PowerGlide remote control motorization option lets your customers rotate the vanes instantly to set the perfect mood in any room.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers® combine the beauty of sheers and the privacy of soft draperies into one incomparable window fashion. The fabric vanes create sheer magic with the simple twist of a wand. By rotating the vanes from completely opened to completely closed, or any increment in between, you'll enjoy a level of light control never before possible in a sheer. Draw the sheers closed for gently diffused light, or open for an unobstructed view.