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The Blind Alley Recommends On-Site Certified Technicians

The Blind Alley Recommends On-Site™ Certified Technicians

On-Site™ Certified Technicians use a portable system that is commonly referred to as an injection/extraction system. The On-Site™ system allows the technician to safely wet-clean or dry-clean anything made of fabric. The technician will bring the system into the house, so there will be no dirty hoses being dragged across your clean carpeting from a vehicle parked in the driveway.

The On-Site™ process is so gentle, that it allows for the cleaning of the most fragile and delicate fabrics, including sun-damaged linings. Since there is no agitation, as in a traditional dry-cleaning process, they have the ability guarantee against shrinkage or damage.

Whether they are wet-cleaning or dry-cleaning the chemicals used are safe and effective. In fact the dry-cleaning chemical is safe enough to use in nursing homes and hospitals, and will not affect sizing, dyes or a flame retardant. A nice wintergreen fragrance has been added so there are no offensive odors and an optical brightener will enhance the colors after everything has dried.

To contact Cascade/On-Site Cleaners for the Greater Seattle area call 425-870-1491

Hunter Douglas® Recommends On-Site™ Certified Technicians

The text cited below is from the Hunter Douglas® Care & Cleaning page at

Regarding Injection/Extraction Cleaning On-Site Cleaning System "This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window treatments. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove the window treatments. One of the leading companies that provide this service is On-Site Cleaners. They have a national network of trained professionals that can clean any soft/fabric-based Hunter Douglas product including Luminette Privacy Sheers®, Silhouette® Window Shadings, and Duette® honeycomb shades. To locate the On-Site dealer nearest you, check your local yellow pages or simply call 1-800-598-9043."

Hunter Douglas® Northwest Recommends On-Site™ Certified Technicians

Click on this image to view a larger version of the Hunter Douglas® Northwest letter of reference. The text of the letter appears below:

Click on the image above to view a larger version of the Hunter Douglas® Northwest letter of reference. The text of the letter appears below:

To Whom it May Concern: "Hunter Douglas® Northwest, a subsidiary of Hunter Douglas® Inc., is a full line supplier of all Hunter Douglas® Window Fashions™. We are constantly looking for quality companies to clean, service or install our products."

"After reviewing the On-Site cleaning process, and seeing a demonstration of its ability to return soiled products to a nearly new condition, we at Hunter Douglas Northwest feel confident in recommending this application for cleaning most of Hunter Douglas products."

"Although we assume no responsibility for individual instances occurring between a consumer and or a Window Covering dealer, we feel that when the process is carried out properly, the results are unsurpassed."

"We will function as a referral service with the responsibility for the performance resting on the on-site provider."


Patrick G. Kennedy
Area Sales Manager
Hunter Douglas® Northwest

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